The Best Matchmaker in the World

The Best Matchmaker in the World is a woman who specializes in finding matches. She works with different companies and has clients from all over the world. Here are some of them: Pink Lobster, Eli Simone, and Kelleher International. They all have different types of services and different types of people.


LUMA is a successful matchmaking service that puts clients at the center of the dating process. Their matchmakers help clients find the right partners for them and arrange everything from the meeting locations to the date booking. The Best Matchmaker helps them meet the expectations of their clients. The service claims to have an 83% success rate in finding partners. It’s also known for its high level of service, and the respect it shows to its clients.

LUMA also offers a mentoring service that focuses on the online dating industry. Their team of matchmakers helps singles create profiles and images that make a strong first impression. They also provide free training films and weekly advice.

Pink Lobster

Founded by two women, Pink Lobster is a successful global matchmaking service that helps single women find the perfect date. Their hands-on, yet streamlined approach to dating has gained the firm a global reputation. The business has expanded to include more than just matchmaking services; Juliette and Emma have also become dating coaches and offer supportive resources to their clients.

The company’s team is diverse, including dating professionals, dating coaches, and headhunters. The company’s founders want the company to be inclusive of LGBTQ singles and want to create a professional support network for lesbian singles. To this end, they require all employees to have a personal connection to the LGBTQ community. Approximately 90% of the staff members are lesbian or bisexual.

The Best Matchmaker

Eli Simone

Eli Simone is a matchmaker who specializes in helping people of color find partners. Her services help her clients identify the type of partner they want, how to present themselves on dates, and other factors that can help them find a compatible match. She believes in the power of relationships and is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their personal goals.

The services provided by Eli Simone are tailored to meet individual clients’ needs. With these specialized matches, clients can get to know themselves better. This process helps them figure out what attracts them, and what truly matters. Eli Simone and his partner have worked together for over a decade and are close friends. Their relationship started when they both worked in business development roles at partnering firms.

Kelleher International

If you are in the market for a matchmaker, you may want to consider signing up with Kelleher International. This worldwide firm offers a range of membership packages, which can cost as much as $300,000. Membership packages are tailored to the specific needs of each client, and include information on prices, length, locations, and feedback. Kelleher also works with a team of matchmakers who hand-select matches for members.

Kelleher International is an excellent choice for those who want to find the perfect match for their lifestyle. They have decades of experience in the business and have a large database of successful singles. Their approach is personal and effective. Their matchmakers know their clients well and take time to listen to what their clients have to say about themselves.

The Best Matchmaker
The Best Matchmaker

Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking

In 2003, Clampitt started the Matchmaking Institute, the country’s only certified matchmaking school. Her goal was to improve the standards of the matchmaking industry and give more people access to qualified matchmakers. Today, many graduates of the institute have gone on to become successful matchmakers.

Lisa Clampitt’s mission is to provide a world-class matchmaking service, which is now accredited and state-certified. She also helps matchmakers expand their businesses by providing resources and coaching for their work. The Matchmaking Institute also organizes conferences and certification programs, giving them access to the tools and training they need to grow and hone their skills.

Selective Search

Selective Search’s matchmaking service is a world-class option for singles. They match people who have similar values and interests. The Best Matchmaker service’s team takes the time to get to know each individual, ensuring that the entire process is smooth and successful. The best part is that they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and almost all of their reviews are positive.

Selective Search has affiliate matchmakers in 20+ cities. Its staff is comprised of relationship experts with many years of experience. Most of their clients are male. The agency works with a maximum of 500 clients at a time.

Elite Matchmaker

Elite Matchmaking is a service provided by a matchmaker. Their services are aimed at elite individuals who have a tough time meeting their potential partners on their own. These people tend to have high income levels and are willing to spend a lot of money. The service also includes a number of benefits like concierge services and dating advice.

The company has been providing matchmaking services for 22 years. Elite Matchmaking’s matchmakers have a high success rate and meet with their clients personally. They use a process called Meet Your Future to find the perfect partner for their clients.

The Best Matchmaker

The Best Matchmaker

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