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Safety Tips for Online Dating

Every year, thousands of singles meet up online. The vast majority of these meetings are Internet Credit Card Securitysuccessful dates where men and women go out, have a good time and end up seeing each other again, becoming friends or even getting married.

However, there can be personal safety risks involved in meeting a stranger for the first time. These online dating safety tips will help you have a good time at your meet up and stay safe in the cyber dating world. Check the persons identity and make sure your date is who he or she says, and not a scammer hiding behind a photo of a supermodel.

Use Skype, Facetime or another videoconferencing software application to see what your date really looks like, not just what his or her profile picture looks like. Try to verify his or her name by cross-checking her accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like.

Look for mutual friends and contacts who can vouch for him or her.

Protect your identity

Protect your identity and don’t disclose personal information until you know your date well and you’re sure you can trust him/her.

Maintain an email account under a pseudonym, and use that email address to establish online dating accounts and communicate with potential matches. Get a prepaid cell phone so you don’t have to give out the mobile number that you use every day.

Take your time – don’t rush

Slow down. Get to know the person online before you move too fast. It’s easy for someone to put his or her best cyber-foot forward in the early stages of communication. Keeping it up consistently is tougher. Be sure to keep all the old e-mails you’ve received so you can compare what they said early on with what they say later. In one e-mail, they might say they work for a bank; in another they’re suddenly a student. Watch for inconsistencies.

Don’t rush the other person. Let the relationship develop online to the point where you’re comfortable with each other. Don’t e afraid to ask your friends what they think. It’s said that love is blind, but your friends aren’t in love. What you considered cute might seem strange to them. This might seem like dating by jury, but it will help you maintain perspective.

If you’ve been hurt before, you may think that now you’ve developed the perfect wish list for a partner. When you see these qualities in someone, you forget to explore their other qualities. There’s more to life than ticking off height, weight, geography, feelings about having children, income, religion and whether they like to watch romantic films like “Gone with the Wind”. Values, life experience and all the baggage a prospective partner carries needs to be discovered and explored. Doing this takes time, so take it slow and easy. Give it the time it deserves.

Never give out financial information

Never give out any financial information about yourself, and don’t disclose information about your job, your income, your assets or your net worth to someone you don’t know well. Fraudsters and scammers are always on the lookout for an easy target that they can take advantage of. Don’t flaunt your wealth. Offer only vague, general information about your financial condition.

Don’t give your date money

You should be especially wary of your date if he or she asks you for money. It’s okay for you to pay for dinner, drinks and other expenses for your date when you’re together. If he or she asks for money to take a taxi home, go outside together and pay the driver directly. A warning sign that your date may be a scammer is if the person continually talks about financial difficulties and how money is needed for one thing or another. If that happens, end the date as soon as you can and consider yourself fortunate for figuring out what was going on.

iStock_000005088253Small (2)Plan the first meeting

Your first meeting with a potential match should always be in a public place. Make your own transportation arrangements, and be sure you have enough money to get home after the date is over. Schedule the date at a time when a lot of people will be around. The first meeting should be short – meet him or her for coffee or cocktails. You don’t want to commit to a five-course dinner only to find soon after you meet that you are incompatible, and you want to escape during the first course.

Stay with the plan

Before the date, promise yourself that you will stick to your prearranged plan for safety. No matter how much chemistry you and your date have together, and no matter how much you trust the person, your safety must come first. Don’t get into a car alone with someone, let someone into your apartment or go to his or her apartment after a first date. You will have plenty of time to get to know the person, and when the time is right, you can spend time alone together.

Health safety

Perhaps most importantly, if you are going to engage in any sexual activity, ask about your date’s health status. Find out their HIV and STD status. Also remember that not everyone is honest and some will not tell you their real status.

Report abuse and harassment to us

If someone at our website says or does something that makes you uncomfortable, report it to Adamo Dating right away. We have a feature in our website that allows you to report abuse. When you report abuse, we will check it out and take appropriate action.

Many happy matches have been made online, but many victims have also been swindled on the Internet. Protect yourself and your assets on the Internet just as you do in the real world. By following online dating safety tips like these, you can find a sweetheart without getting cheated.

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