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Tough competition?

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You can polish your profile in a way that helps others to remember that there is more to a successful relationship than only beauty.

The competition on an online dating site can be intense. If you compare your profile with the profile of other individuals online, you’ll see that many of your competitors are beautiful, fit persons who seem to have it all. You may be wondering how you can possibly compete with them.

Refining and polishing your profile can help persons remember that the best partners don’t always have a beautiful face and rock-hard abs. The right profile can establish you as a fun, caring individual that others would like to get to know. Follow these tips for making your profile the best that it can be.

You can polish your profile in a way that helps others to remember that there is more to a successful relationship than only beauty. Make your personality and personal depth visible in your profile.

Choose the right photos

Your profile photo should be a current, high-resolution image. And the other photos in your profile should also be sharp and recent, and be a variation of full body images and close ups. If you are a man you should be wearing a shirt – a shirtless photo is as bad as an obnoxious display name.

If you are a woman you should be wearing something that does not reveal everything. It is okay to show that you can look sexy, but be careful so that it does not leave a “cheap” impression. Smile, but don’t look too eager to please. Every woman likes a man who is a bit of a bad boy at heart. And every man likes a woman who is sending signals that tells she have a hidden, and exciting side to her personality.

Display name

Choose the right display name. People who are looking for a serious relationship tend to be more sensitive towards theese things, so it is important to choose a good display name. Try to choose a display name that is easy for others to notice and remember, but be careful not to choose anything that makes you appear vulgar or sound like a unstable freak.

A person who is looking for a long-term relationship is going to be turned off by a user named “SexyLover” or “Hornyallnightlong.” Your username should match your profile. If your profile says you are interested in meeting a person and settling down, a username such as “AnotherHangover” will send out the wrong message.

A username that says something interesting about you, such as “MusicianMike” or “LisaTheRunner” is far more likely to get a response from persons of a certain quality.

This is not a job application

You are looking for a person who you can share your life with, and not a job. Don’t post your professional resume on an online dating site. Include an “elevator ride” summary of who you are and what you’re looking for in a person. Go beyond your occupation and tell the world what makes you happy.

Avoid clichés

Everybody knows that candlelit dinners and walks on the beach are romantic. Everyone is looking for their soulmate. There’s no reason to include those kinds of statements in your profile. If you are looking for someone that can secure you and take care of you, say so. If you are looking for someone to take to a ballgame or on a bike ride, say so. If you like to stay home and watch TV, say so.

Being honest and waiting for the right person to notice you is preferable to stretching the truth and risking disappointment.

Writers block

Writers block may strike when you’re working on your profile, but if you persevere, you can create a unique profile that attracts the right person for you. A profile text can be difficult to “get right” on the first attempt, so be patient and return the nest day when you have better ideas of how to polish the text.

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